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Useful Information

Do I have to be a member to shoot at the range?

Do I need to be a member of Baltimore Rifle Club to participate in events?

This depends on the event. In nearly all cases being a member of ACG will allow you to participate in a BRC activity. Guests at AGC may be able to participate in events depending on the event policy. Please contact the event sponsor for specifics.

How do I join?

The process is simple. Click membership above and purchase a BRC membership. Once you have purchased a membership, register for an orientation. After you have completed your orientation you can purchase an AGC badge.

How do I get a Range Badge?

To obtain a range badge as a BRC member, a person must attend a Range Safety Orientation and participate in a walk-through of the AGC Range facilities (a 90-minute process) conducted by a Certified Club Instructor and agree to follow and obey AGC Range Rules.

After the walkthrough and to buy the badge, members will need:

  • Proof of active BRC membership (show current card, receipt of your membership purchase, or by logging into your account via phone or other device and demonstrating the account is active)

  • Government-issued photo-ID

  • Form of payment (cash, credit card*, or check)
    *If using an Apple Card, the AGC's staff must enter the card's virtual numbers manually. 

I do not have an email address. How can I join?

Show up at any scheduled orientation to join in person.

How often does Baltimore Rifle Club meet?

BRC meets once a year to elect officials and handle official business. The meeting dates will be published on the events calendar. You may renew in person at this meeting if desired.

How can I meet other members?

There are several ways to meet other members.

1) Participate in any of our events

2) Introduce yourself to people at the range
3) Join our discord server HERE

Where can I get a paper application?

You can download a BRC Membership Application and print it out

Where is the AGC affidavit?

Download a copy of the AGC Range Affidavit

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